Sunday, August 23, 2009

Working in Jersey due to the rain.

Off to Jersey due to the rain.

Tried singing "rain, rain go away" with no luck. The rain came and shut us down. So instead of sitting around we took off to Jersey to work on a job with our friend Stacey. We cruised down there and did some cloud ceilings and painted some gold. Awesome time and now we are back in NY. Looks like we will be able to paint tomorrow (mon) and Tuesday/Wednesday and then it is gonna rain for a couple more days. Unbelievably frustrating!!! Oh well though, what are you gonna do right? Spirits still high and looking forward to working a couple 12 hour days this week to try and catch up with the time already lost. One really cool thing is that we got back to the apartment we are renting and Jamie the girl we are renting it from had a huge roast cooking for us. Gotta love her!

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