Thursday, August 20, 2009

Building Closed

Building Closed! (can you believe it)

Today was pretty disappointing. We woke up knowing that it was going to rain starting later today and for the next 3-4 days so we really wanted to dig in and get a good chunk done today. Especially because we still haven't started. Well that was not in our cards today. We got to the building with a crowd out front and two vans with flashing lights. A sign on the door that says "building closed....emergency...." And that was that. Head hanging low we walked back to the apartment and are currently re-grouping. Due to the downtime for the next several days caused by rain we are going to go pitch the local restaurants on mural and faux work and see if we can muster up some business for downtime like this. It is hard to admit but the frustration is getting to me a bit. I just want to start! :)


  1. Oh dear Lord...hang in there! You'll be up on that scaffolding before you know it. Miss you!

  2. we're setting a picket line up for next week. it'll be great! LOL

  3. Im sure you guys can come up with lots of ways to get work while things are slow. Cant fight nature when you are dangling off buildings with my little brother :) You guys rock~take care and have fun!

  4. I remember the days of swing lol and glad I no longer do this but ya know......every once in awhile I do find myself missing it lol
    Great job guys