Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Third day here and I am ready to pull my hair out. LOL No just kidding. I am just anxious to start painting. The guys we hired to powerwash yesterday turned out to be a travesty so we sent them home and our new guys came today. They did a great job and we are ready to paint tomorrow. Unfortunately it is susposed to rain for the next couple of days. Cross our fingers for the weather forecast to be wrong. Anyways, other then that the super for the building seems to be the greatest super in NY and has already done so much for us. Love the guy and his great stories. Another great guy we met is Felix who got us our 2nd team of powerwashers, great help. The rest of the day we are at the apartment we rented with the girl who rented to us. Her name is Jamie and she is very funny. Check back tomorrow for some better news. P.S. IT IS SO HOT HERE I THINK I AM MELTING.....;0


  1. have the super talk to his guys about the weather. i will be there in 3 weeks and i am going to want to see some progress by then!!

  2. Patrick,
    Missing you at Durham Village!!!! Looks like quite the advanture. Donna is here and is in awe of your project. Got bit by a bee. 9Me I mean ) Ouch!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the documentary.