Wednesday, August 26, 2009

500 Brownstones done, 6000 to go.....

500 Brownstones done, 6000 to go..........

Well today was a great day. We had to cruise to Manhatten this morning and meet the Faux Doctor so we could get to more sprayers. Once done we got back to the job and started cranking out stones. A little more then 5 floors done, not to shabby. Didn't know what day of the week it is when we got down but no worries...:) I am now getting pumped about painted the large statue of liberty. Couple more days and I can start that sucker. :) Now it is yes once again time for some Ramen and Tuna mmmmmmmmmm!


  1. 5 floors is great! Looking good Pat!!

  2. Such troopers! Such guys are amazing! Thanks so much for documenting this ...stay safe.

  3. the first 500 are always the hardest!

  4. Pat/Ryan; i hope you are having as much fun as we are watching you....lady liberty huh, sweet

    so you are in the land of good food and your eating noodles everyday?


  5. This is so much fun watching you guys at work! Where is this building? Can people see this from the street?

  6. Hi Patrick:
    Lib and I are enjoying seeing what amazing work you are doing there in Brooklyn. Sorry you had to play cards today.. . .
    The building looks wonderful and we are sure looking forward to seeing the finished product but in the meantime you are a real inspiration to us all. xxxxxxx Sally & Lib