Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Day......................

Last Day.................

Here are some pics below and I would like to give out a special thanks to all we have met and helped us out thru this process.........Barry Jacobson, Kathleen ( could not have been done without you), Krisitiano D'costa (taining and support), Jamie (thanks for the friendship and place to stay), Emily Krohn (your art will take you far), Wayne (our therapist), Dennis, Oda, Juan (Grande), Miguel (our savior), Frank (the tank), Barry (thanks for showing us the ropes)and Patrick Clarke, the Sics who put up our scafold (baba and bobo), Checkers burgers, the money money money guy (sorry i do not remember your name), National Paint in Middletown, CT, Dre, Sherry Sentz(snacks), Rick Sentz (harnesses), Pierre and Tiff (thanks for coming by), Arlene (love the cookies), Susan (nice to finally meet you), Elyssa (thanks for coming by), My Faux Forum Family (all of your support as always), Duane (who else would make our paint like you do), NY Post, NY Daily News, Brooklyn Heights, Sarah, Liz, Marrissa, Eamons Pub, Heights Cafe, Buen Gusto, the ladies at Starbucks, the geniuses who came up with Ramen Noodle and the inventor of the canned tuna, my lovely wife Alli and three great kids, Mike Sundell, my parents and sister and brother in law(and John), and last but not least a man I could not have done this with out Ryan Sentz.....thank you

See ya next time!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mundid my friend or the top down.

Mundid my friend or the top down.

Today was a fun day. Possible rain which appeared for a half an hour and then gave way for a clear but chilly day. We had laughs with Mundid the gentleman who does our scaffold and some how got Ryan's cell phone number (LOL). After that we started at the top of the building and moved down. Left with one floor left we were somewhat dissapointed but it was aproaching 7pm and got too dark. Tomorrow we finish that side(i promise) and then we move on to the floor. ALMOST DONE!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where is Ryan or Lyssa stops by.

Where is Ryan or Lyssa stops by.

Well the rain started this morning and it bummed us out but by mid day it was gone. After a great visit with my friend Lyssa (who brought us a Starbucks gift card, thanks so much) we got up and started working. Turned out to be a productive day after all. Tomorrow they remove some airshafts we can't get over and then it should be smooth sailing from there.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 floors done in one day. 4 to go.

8 floors done in one day! 4 to go.

Well the near is ending. We got 8 floors basecoated and stoned out today. 4 to go and then the floor will be painted to look like Central Park. Getting tired definately and missing the family. It is getting colder which is a bummer and looks like rain tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3rd side done. Father Fagan remembered.

3rd side done. Father Fagan remembered.

Well we finished the 3rd side today. We started the day by painting a portrait of Father Fagan from the Little Flower children services which occupies the top floor. It was an honor to paint him and I really enjoyed it. After that we cruised down the building adding 7 more scenes from around Brooklyn. Tomorrow we are expecting rain and have estimated maybe 7 more days to complete the project. Good thing too as it is getting very cold out. Coldest day we have had so far.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stones done on 3rd side.

Stones done on 3rd side.

I want to start off with a shout out to Sarah Delaney and my Aunt Lib. I love getting the emails from you Sarah and Aunt Lib your note was so sweet. Thanks for watching and hope to see you soon.

On another note our first day back after a 2 day break was incredible. We started the day off by buying a few hats that I was eyeing for a while. After the purchase of the hats Ryan and I pushed it and completed the whole 3rd side of the building with stones in ONE day! OOOOF it was a push but it is done. Tomorrow we add the scenes in between the windows and then it is off to the 4th and final side! Almost there!

Here we are after we got our new hats!