Monday, August 24, 2009

Pushing out and RIP to the old 18 incher.

Pushing out is the scariest of all. LOL

Today is the second day we have painted and we finished basecoating the 1st building we are muraling. This is great news because tomorrow we get to start the mural! Can not wait. Gonna nap it out right now and then have a little tuna and Ramon noodles. MMMMMM!

RIP 18 incher.....

Very sad today we lost a dear friend, out 18 inch roller. He lived a long and prosperous life and we will never forget him. Please take a moment of silence.....


  1. Ok, so how do you get to the part where the building turns in? Do you have a shorter stage?

  2. Holy smoke Patrick, you guys are like cable walkers......hey Ryan you've come up in the world dude! you guys are awesome, so sorry about the 18incher tho (that's what she said)...i'll be watching every day...mary lou

  3. You guys are insane! I think I might have to stop watching these videos. Do you think it was painless for the 18-incher, or did he suffer?!

  4. yes holly, we have to get a smaller stage.

    nice to c u ml.
    yea alli, there gonna be hard to top. me and pat are running outta exciting things here. we need material!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love that you guys care :)

  5. Wow...insane is right! Allie? I feel for you! lol... you guys take care and BE SAFE!!! :)

  6. Pat please be careful with my son, he is the only one I have. On a good note, I have all my co-workers watching you guys everyday. Sherry