Friday, August 21, 2009

Race against the rain.

Race against the rain!

Today was pretty productive. We finally got up on the swing stage and got to paint. We have been watching the weather online (hour by hour updates) and saw we had a window up to 3 pm to paint. So at 6 this morning we raced down and based out 6 stories. Then it got all dark and we felt the little peblets of rain start coming so we raced the staging down and got everything inside real quick. Today was a great day though and we learned a lot. One, bring more to drink. Two, it is like climbing the alps and hard to breath up there with all the vent pumping out hot air. And three, it is true that looking down freaks you out a bit. LOL Anyways, we are hoping it does not rain tomorrow so we can keep moving but it doesn't look good at this point. I have to go now and eat and beat Ryan in a little game of poker! :)

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  1. Patrick-Honey, how about a little warning for the vertically challenged! ;)