Thursday, July 30, 2009

Introduction. Watch video below.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The beginning.

This project was put on my desk over a year and a half ago. Before the winter of 08 we were scurrying to get our design in and paperwork in order. About a month before we were to start we pulled the plug on the project due to weather constraints and the inability to come to terms. Then the recession hit and the market went belly up. I thought the project was done and put the folder aside.

Around May of 09 I got a telephone call about starting the project up again so I pulled out the dusty folder and went back to work. After a few more visits to Brooklyn we hammered out the details and Creative Evolution was officially hire by JP Day to create 2 twelve story murals in downtown Brooklyn, NY. The project starts August 15th and is planned to continue thru to October 15th. The plan of attack is to change the dynamics of two brick buildings and create the illusion of two beautiful brownstones with arched windows and over 30 depictions from areas within the city.
All scenes will be painted as reliefs. On the Court Street build a large 6 story tall arch will be painted as if you were looking thru the building at the Statue of Liberty. I am not gonna lie, this project is going to be a well received challenge that I am very much looking forward to. On the 15th of August I will be moving to NY for two months. I will create daily videos and take pictures to post here and try and give an honest account of the project, the good the bad and the ugly. Please stay posted and watch this process unfold.