Friday, August 7, 2009

One last visit to the site before we start

Watch video below:

Today we went to Brooklyn. Kristiano, Ryan and I took the train down pretty early this morning. Once there we met with our film guy who is filming seperately from these clips and will edit together hopefully a cool little documentary version for ourselves to keep. We went to the building and took measurements again (just in case) and just got one final look before we started. In less then a week the building will be powerwashed and then we paint. As for tonight we are still training till the wee hours in the studio. Tic Tok, we are getting closer!

Here we are on the train, early in the morning.


  1. Congratulations on getting such a nice and challenging project!!! I live in White Plains, I will come to visit you at the site!! Business is not great in the area of NY, but I am deffinitly happy to see something moving along!! It's a good sign!! If you end up needing help, let me know!!
    Wishing you TONS of good luck and of energy!! AND.. NO RAIN!!


  2. Congratulations with such a great project to do! Wishing you all best of luck with everything!

  3. Pat
    What a fantastic opportunity and project for you!
    Looking forward to watching the progress
    Wishing the best!