Saturday, August 29, 2009

Playing poker while it rains.

Playing poker while rains.

Well it rained yesterday and is raining today so no work on the building for us. We are doing a little in-house work that needs to be done for the building. Ryan also has an obsession with poker so we have been playing a lot of poker (a lot)! We hit an Irish pub up last night which was real cool. This morning we checked the weather and we made catch a break and be able to work tomorrow.

(Local interviews with Emily and Frank.)

Emily is a waitress from down the street we met. She graduated from Pratt and is a pretty good artist. She did a whole bunch of window paintings up and down the street in the comercial spots that came out real nice.

Frank is the security for the Joralemon building. Real nice guy. He sees everybody coming and going. He has not been to see our mural as of yet but we will make him come look at it soon. :)

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