Saturday, September 5, 2009

Special Happy Birthday

A special Happy Birthday to my son Carter today.

This is a shout out to Carter, my son. I made this video for him to watch because unfortunately I could not make it home this weekend. He is turning 6 and is a great kid!!!!!


  1. ryan that was so cute of pat, i almost started crying when i seen the happy b-day carter sign keep up the good work guys

  2. pat says thank you. he had it planned for a while

  3. Pat--What an awesome birthday greeting since you were aware for his birthday!! (Allie--that's a scrapbook-keeper pic)

  4. Patrick,

    You know that I know you are WICKED AWESOME!! This whole project has me blown away. You guys are tearing it up! Beautiful job!

    Maybe I've missed it...but I was wondering...have you taken any pictures of the project from ground level? If not...I'd love to see it.

    Of all the people in this ENTIRE world...You are my ONE and ONLY FAVORITE Son-In-Law! (God's Truth!) hahahhaa...but STILL true!

    I love ya, Darlin'....keep up the great work.
    Hope to see some ground level pics soon.

    The Best Mother-In-Law you have EVER had...Susan (Smiles)