Saturday, September 5, 2009

Look Ma, we made it to the top.

Look Ma, we made it to the top.

Well today was one of the more interesting days. We got the top two floors done and we finished the two sets of windows as well. Interestingly enough after lunch I forgot to bring my bag up with my camera in it and let me just say I blew it! While up there our 2 bird friends decided to get bold and started dive bombing us (kid you not). I think from the look of one of them (paint on his head) it was something we did. Anyways this went on for quite a while until they just started landing on our plank and taunting us. I think it is going to go down between Ryan and I vs the birds. I felt like we were in that movie Grumpy old men where the neighbors were all doing strange things to each other to get the other one to move out. Anyways we got what we needed to do done and tomorrow we start the statue of Liberty!

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  1. Patrick,


    You are Wonderful! I really LOVE the painting so far. Seriously can not tell it is not stone laid over the base. Wow.

    I just wanted to tell you (again) how terrific I think you are and how VERY smart my daughter was to grab you. ;)

    Ilove you more than you will EVER know.
    Your Mother in Law