Monday, September 28, 2009

Free advertising for Starbucks. Gotta luv it......

Free advertising for Starbucks...gotta luv it!

Well I have to say there is one thing that brightens my spirits every day and that is a Caramel Machiato from Starbucks iced with and extra shot of expresso. We go in every morning as it is at the corner and it is at the point where we walk in and it is waiting for us. How is that for customer service! Anyways we had a great day today as we are probably a day away from getting this side done and then we are left with the sides. We started by cutting all the window sides together and then went after the murals in between them. There are a lot of them so I will onlyt post a few for now. Then (yes again) the rain came and we were grounded.

Sue and Kathy stop by from the to say "hi". The faux forum is a site that artists from all over the world get together and learn from each other. Pretty amazing.

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  1. Hey Pat & Ryan, I just want to thank-you guys for taking the time to take us on that way cool tour of your project!! We had a great time and again It's an amazing job what you did from the murals to the stone!!! I'm so glad our building wouldn't allow us to work do to the holiday so we got to see your job you guys should be very proud!!! Thanks again- Sue