Sunday, September 20, 2009

12 Stories DONE! (next 12 story building to go)

12 stories DONE! (next 12 story building to go)

Well it was a quiet Sunday morning as the building was empty. We got in early and cranked it out. So we officially have finished our first 12 story building. Now we only have one 12 story to go! :) It was beautiful out and we spent the last hour of the day painting off the roof top. It was nice due to the weather but a little hard on the body. We will definately have a mild celebration tonight and get back at it tomorrow.


  1. OMG I thought Pat was gonna to fall (lol) you look pretty good yourself on camera bud

  2. Beautiful work guys......just breathtaking....
    my heart skips a beat between the windowsill walk and dangling dad.......bless "Hi Mom" and Allie.........