Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hoola Hoop master and Arl comes to town

Hoola Hoop Master

Well it is raining today so no work for us. Interestingly enough we went outside and there was a guy hoola hooping in the rain. It was a very sureal moment for some reason. I almost challenged him in a hoola hoop-off but I don't know how to hoola hoop(DARN)!

And then a special treat as Arlene comes to town to visit. Arlene is an very talented artist and close friend from Long Island. It stopped raining so we were able to go to the roof. Had a great lunch with her and I am so happy she swung by.


  1. brilliant???? the altitude must have effected my speaking

  2. what a nice day! actually that hula hoop thing is WAY cooler if the hoop is on FIRE