Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Day......................

Last Day.................

Here are some pics below and I would like to give out a special thanks to all we have met and helped us out thru this process.........Barry Jacobson, Kathleen ( could not have been done without you), Krisitiano D'costa (taining and support), Jamie (thanks for the friendship and place to stay), Emily Krohn (your art will take you far), Wayne (our therapist), Dennis, Oda, Juan (Grande), Miguel (our savior), Frank (the tank), Barry (thanks for showing us the ropes)and Patrick Clarke, the Sics who put up our scafold (baba and bobo), Checkers burgers, the money money money guy (sorry i do not remember your name), National Paint in Middletown, CT, Dre, Sherry Sentz(snacks), Rick Sentz (harnesses), Pierre and Tiff (thanks for coming by), Arlene (love the cookies), Susan (nice to finally meet you), Elyssa (thanks for coming by), My Faux Forum Family (all of your support as always), Duane (who else would make our paint like you do), NY Post, NY Daily News, Brooklyn Heights, Sarah, Liz, Marrissa, Eamons Pub, Heights Cafe, Buen Gusto, the ladies at Starbucks, the geniuses who came up with Ramen Noodle and the inventor of the canned tuna, my lovely wife Alli and three great kids, Mike Sundell, my parents and sister and brother in law(and John), and last but not least a man I could not have done this with out Ryan Sentz.....thank you

See ya next time!


  1. Awesome job guys. Absolutely sick. And inspiring.

  2. Awsome project. You make it look almost effortless. Congratulations on completion!

  3. Congratulations on such a beautiful project.

  4. This is a masterpiece myfriends! you guys must be happy to see it complete, but I know you sick puppies are going to miss it :-P
    Wonderful job! congratulations!!

  5. Don't know why I just found this. You're unbelievable. What a phenomenal accomplishment. Congratulations Pat, and those who helped you.