Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3rd side done. Father Fagan remembered.

3rd side done. Father Fagan remembered.

Well we finished the 3rd side today. We started the day by painting a portrait of Father Fagan from the Little Flower children services which occupies the top floor. It was an honor to paint him and I really enjoyed it. After that we cruised down the building adding 7 more scenes from around Brooklyn. Tomorrow we are expecting rain and have estimated maybe 7 more days to complete the project. Good thing too as it is getting very cold out. Coldest day we have had so far.

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  1. Pat I've been out east working with no internet, so I'm catching up tda now that I'm home Love This!!!! You have done a very beautiful job, inspite of the obstacles....fantastic! I'll keep up now. Me and Arl will be walking, probably over the Brooklyn Bridge on Sat.for Breast Cancer, so we'll wave and do a shout out to you and Ryan! " So how U doin'!"Ciaio!